iPatient inTouch™

Dictate your Rounds

Dictate your Rounds

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Rounding speech dictation: at the bedside or your office!

Use voice dictation during patient rounding!
No more typing.

Typing, taking notes, or relying on memory can delay your patient rounding sessions. iPatient inTouch™ Patient Rounding is an innovative program that allows you to dictate all of your findings so you can focus on your patient rather than on the actual writing of the text.

You can capture your patient concern better and achieve service recovery sooner

Improve your service recovery and increase your HCAHPS scores with our iPatient inTouch™ Patient Rounding solution:

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Successful implementation of iPatient inTouch™ program increases HCAHPS scores!

At one of our trials, one of our hospitals increased their HCAHPS scores using the iPatient inTouch™ iPad.

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Automatic Alerts to any email/text

Instant Messages via email/text


Access your real time reports from any computer and/or smart phone!

The hospitalized patient will remember a hospital stay as a positive hospital experience if they feel that the hospital staff took time to quickly address any concerns related to the patient's quality of care and level of comfort during their hospitalization. A patient-centered hospital stay will produce a positive patient experience that leads to higher patient satisfaction scores.

“You can’t fix what you can’t measure!”

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